Wasteful Spending

My policy is simple: you can waste time, or you can waste money – but you cannot waste both at once. This policy is basically an excuse I’ve come up with to stop myself ever doing anything to rein in my spending and time-wasting – I can’t feel bad for spending eighteen hours making a quilt from my old […]

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Vegan Sandwich Ideas

Lads, not eating meat is really hard. Like, really hard. Not a day goes by when I don’t have to ask myself whether I really consider chickens animals, or whether they’re not, technically speaking, some kind of mushroom. Unfortunately, my dietary choices are non-negotiable: without them, I’d not be able to get on my high […]

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New Laws

I’m not sure exactly why (I sense Brexit has something to do with it) but the British government has just finishing codifying some interesting new laws. The police officer in the featured image may be smiling, but she’s ready to bop you on the head with her truncheon should you infringe any of them in […]

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Insultial Czech

This title combines the words “essential” and “insulting.” You don’t have to tell me; I know I’m a wordsmith. Amongst pedagogues, there’s a school of thought that suggests students learn languages better when they’re not constantly forced to repeat boring phrases. You know the kind of thing: Teacher: Hello. Student: Hello. Teacher: How are you? […]

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A Solemn Oath

I like to think, in the realm of blogging as in the rest of my life, I’ve got good integrity. For example, I always let passengers disembark before alighting and I leave the bathroom door slightly ajar as I leave it so it’s obvious it’s unoccupied. That’s just the kind of stand up guy I […]

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Essential Check

I study Czech, Russian and Polish at university, and most people’s response to that is, “Why, though?” The honest answer, that I don’t know – it just seemed interesting, never seems to satisfy anyone. And, reader, if you know anything about me, you know that I live to please: an unsatisfactory conversation is a weight […]

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Cursed Objects

Do you ever wonder what kind of a person would be spiteful enough to make those cursed objects you see in films? To litter their tomb with mean tricks designed to catch out any future adventurers/grave robbers/curious teenagers stupid enough to disturb their final resting place, just on the off chance one of them happens […]

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Essential Czech: The Alphabet

Tuesdays are Czech days! Last week, we learnt how to ask for a beer, a big beer, and a bunch of beers. This week, we’ll focus on the alphabet. It’s almost as important. [One day (but not today) I’ll stop mining Czechs’ alcohol consumption for comedic content.] Unlike some other Slavic languages, like Russian and […]

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Ro Daniels: Who Are You?

I’ve been writing this blog regularly for a few months now, and an attentive reader has probably built up some kind of picture of the girl behind the keyboard. For those who don’t take careful notes every time I post anything, I thought I’d try and sum myself up. Give you a bit of context […]

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