Memories in the Year 2079

The year is 2079. All church bells have been replaced with loudspeakers playing the Nokia ringtone. Forty per cent of all human interaction is carried out through shimmering holographic mirror-type things. Mascots at football games are now completely automated. #MeToo is still trending: it turns out perverts exist in the future too. The Queen, despite […]

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Music in the Year 2079

It’s the year 2079. The sun, filtered through sheets of atmospheric pollution, is a purple orb in a sky full of drones of all sizes. Politicians are debating automatron labour laws in a fully holographic House of Commons; the House of Lords, stubbornly refusing to keep up with technological as well as social advancements, remains […]

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Slacks in the Year 2079

The year is 2079. Mars has been terraformed; JK Rowling is on the £5 note. Bake-Off has entered its 75th series, presented by an animatronic Mary Berry with the same piercing blue eyes and deep understanding of crumb structure as the original. The Queen’s refusal to die is beginning to make people suspicious; they’ve had […]

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