Write What You Love

Reader, we can all agree I’m at the top of my game, professionally, academically, and socially. As everyone knows, life is made up of these three components, and, yes, I’ve reached the peak of success in every aspect of my existence. Observe the following thoughts: Career It’s a universal truth that a successful professional life […]

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Unknown Known

It’s done: suitcase packed and unpacked, goods byed, ports passed. I’m back in the greatest of Britains, the most united of kingdoms. In the space of (heck) five days, I’ve changed country, time zone, and jumped between two cities. I have savoured the most Czech of all flavours (Too Much Višňovka) and the most Sheffieldest […]

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Lines * by Lily

I don’t go to the supermarket if it’s busy and I don’t go outside if it’s too warm and I don’t reach out to people if they don’t text me first and I’m worried I’m drawing more and more lines around myself existing in a smaller and smaller box But I like lines, because they […]

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prague is romantic

Hey, guys, did I mention I’ve been living in Prague for a year? Oh, it came up? Well, did I also mention I’m leaving Prague on Saturday, returning to Sheffield cap in hand? Oh, I did? Well, anyway… Fuck Paris. Screw Barcelona. Tell Rome to piss off. If you’re looking for romance on the continent, […]

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prague is a cultural capital

As everyone I’ve ever met – and lots of people I haven’t – already know, I am Full of Feelings. I have so many feelings that I am bloated. I have so many feelings that I am a Danger to Myself and Others. Sometimes I feel so many things at once that I end up […]

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