very, very, very specific advice

“The secret to my success?” asks the lottery winner, fanning himself with wads of cash. “Just keep buying scratchcards. You can withdraw £200 a day. Put it all on the tickets. That’s how I got where I am today.” The tech billionaire tells you to drop out of secondary school and pour all of your […]

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An End to Sweeping Statements

-or- A Tentative POstponement of Sweeping Statements It’s Saturday morning – or, at least, my body clock is telling me as such. In reality it’s gone five p.m. and I’m still in bed, consciousness newly thrust upon me, eyes squinting against the invasive light streaming through the gap in my curtains. I turn my body […]

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prague is a gastronomic adventure

As everyone who’s read my Twitter bio or spent more than a minute and a half talking to me knows, I’m an interesting, cheerful and sociable person by nature. This, of course, goes without saying. You have already sensed it. It’s not even worth the calories I exerted tippy-tapping it out. And yet, somehow, there […]

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I went to Prague Pride on Saturday. It was a really surprising and fulfilling experience that I’m still processing, and – in classic Ro style – I’d like to hang all my thoughts out in the most public way possible. Reader, you know me by now: you know I value your attention whenever I’m pondering […]

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New Experiences

Life’s about learning, and as a tiny, baby child with very limited life experience, I’m learning new stuff all the time. Here’s a rundown of the latest. Intervened in a Confrontation (was an Authority Figure) As I’ve mentioned once, twice, a thousand times, I work in a cafe-bar. Recently I’ve been taking the afternoon shift […]

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Reader, I’m back under my traditional black cloud. I’ve been feeling really low the last few days, and as well as being *cough* depressed, I’m demotivated and frustrated. What’s the opposite of empowered? That’s how I’ve been feeling. Here’s what’s uniquely frustrating: I’m really, really, truly and wholeheartedly trying to get better. I’m engaging with […]

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