New Experiences

Life’s about learning, and as a tiny, baby child with very limited life experience, I’m learning new stuff all the time. Here’s a rundown of the latest. Intervened in a Confrontation (was an Authority Figure) As I’ve mentioned once, twice, a thousand times, I work in a cafe-bar. Recently I’ve been taking the afternoon shift […]

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Reader, I’m back under my traditional black cloud. I’ve been feeling really low the last few days, and as well as being *cough* depressed, I’m demotivated and frustrated. What’s the opposite of empowered? That’s how I’ve been feeling. Here’s what’s uniquely frustrating: I’m really, really, truly and wholeheartedly trying to get better. I’m engaging with […]

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dubious compliments

I’m interesting, cheerful and sociable, and I attract attention no matter where I go. Maybe people sense my immense influence in the blogosphere, or maybe their interest is piqued by my light up trainers, but people are drawn to me like moths are drawn to cliches. The amount of compliments I receive from strangers on […]

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I’m tired. Not in the sense that I had a late night and not enough coffee and now I’m feeling drowsy – I’m permanently tired to my very bones. Sometimes I feel like I spend my whole waking life figuring out when I can next have a nap and doing whatever I can to bring […]

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Soul Healing

Yesterday, the person I’d been seeing ended things with me in a very respectful, understandable way that didn’t make me feel like I was to blame. But no matter how respectful, understandable, notmakingmefeelatfault it is, getting dumped by someone you care about still hurts. I’ve decided that I’m going to dedicate myself to healing my […]

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The Black Cloud

is back, but what’s really strange is that it’s not just me under it. All of my closest friends seem to be suffering at the moment – from relationship woes, work troubles, and, most upsettingly, from a general feeling of pessimism. I went through a phase of wondering whether my depression infected the people I […]

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