Interpreting your Dreams Once More

  Your uncle We’ve all had it: that weird, Being John Malkovic-esque dream where you’re walking through a crowded city, and everyone has the face of your uncle. You wander the streets for a while, bemused, but your uncles seem to be getting more and more agitated and it puts you on edge. Before long, you’re […]

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Interpreting your Dreams Again

Dreams connect us, so they say, to the metaphysical world. Let’s explore their meanings together. Falling Ever jerked awake suddenly, with the horrible feeling that you were falling? I read a really interesting article about that, but I can’t remember what it said, so I’m just going to make something up instead. I think it […]

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Interpreting your Dreams

Did you know that the average person experiences over fifty separate dream sequences in a single night? That’s not true, but it makes the study of dreams seem more relevant. Exams It’s a classic TV trope: the lovable but ne’er-do-well protagonist is sitting in an exam hall. He’s freaking out because he hasn’t studied, maybe […]

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