The Prague Saga: My Hunt for a Local

Opinionated but ill-informed reviews of Prague’s beer houses

Click on the images to read my reviews; click on the bar’s name to be taken to its website.

Unconventional Interpretation of the Smoking Ban: Gibs


Score: two joints and one unexpectedly massive dog

Too Many Cartoon Boobs: Wombat Cafe


Score: a doughy slice of fruitcake and half-arsed pint*

*unless you happen to love nerd culture and have an in with one of the regulars

Best Beer Garden: Malý/VelkýCapture

Score: six pint glasses and a crisp coaster

Mostly Meh: Gastropub 20 Pip

download (1).jpg

Score: two sodden beer mats and a fork with crusty bits on the tines

The Gold Standard: Blinders Bottle Shop; St Petersburg


Score: Hundreds of hours, many close friends, and a bucket of origami cranes soaked in class beer



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